Wednesday, September 1, 2010

我的家乡菜, 上海炒年糕 (Shanghai Rice Cake)

上海炒年糕 is a "MUST HAVE" dish when it comes to Chinese New Year....
Maybe you will be thinking..whether I'm from China?
OOooo..noooo nooo noooo...
it's my granddaddy~ and so this dish was passed down to us.
My granddaddy passed away about 6 years ago.
Time flies...all the tears...all the emotions...gone as time goes by....
But he will always be remembered, including his favourite food....

Eating it once a year is way too little!
I wanna eat anytime!
My Daddy bought 2 packets for me,
if I'm not wrong, each packet costs $2+. Cheap Cheap...
but there's particular brands that are nicer...

These rice cake needs to be soaked...
For my mummy, she will soak in room temperature for 2-3 days...
but for me, the hygiene freak, I soak in the fridge for 4days, changing water daily.
and only take the rice cakes out of the fridge few hours before cooking.
I feel that my way is better, because the rice cakes were more Q!

First step is to stir fry rice cakes with some oil. Add in a little bit of soya sauce and sesame oil.

To retain the springiness, just heat till semi cooked and keep stirring it. Remove rice cakes from the wok.
Wash the wok.

2nd step is to sauteed garlic with oil in the cleaned wok,
Add in fishcakes, wongbok and some water (cover half of wongbok).
Cover with lid to let wongbok soften just abit stirring occasionally. 
Mix rice cake in and followed by prawns and fish.
Keep stirring it to separate the rice cakes. 
Season with sesame oil and light soy sauce.
Serve hot, with white pepper.

My ingredients are not the traditional kind,
and I try to avoid pork in my meals. 
So there's only fishcake, fish and prawns in this dish.

The chewy rice cake~~which touches my heart without fail...
I want more!!! 
Will cook again soon~~

Granddaddy...I miss you....

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