Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Advance Mid-Autumn Festival !

Time flies..the Lunar 7th month is over..
now it's the Mid Autumn Festival.

I miss those good old times... playing with lanterns and fire..
burning the grass in our yard...eating mooncakes and pomelo with tea...
Somehow, as we grow older, it becomes more dull....
sad huh? HAHA! Oops..we should be happy!

To brighten up the festival, 
I made some snowskin monncake for my love ones....!
 This is my first attempt in making mooncakes!
I made everything from scratch, even the lotus paste~
it was challenging, I burnt the first batch of lotus paste. 
Lucky it turned out nicer in my 2nd attempt,
but still not as ideal. 
Hope my family will still like it...

Guess what are these? 
Rabbits?? Piggies?? Monsters??
It's actually rabbits!
They are rather fat~~so don't really look like rabbits..

the skin was relatively dry and hard to mould. I followed the recipe closely,
but the same thing happened for my 2 batches.
I really don't know what's wrong...

 I will try another recipe for my next attempt.
I'm having my bridal photoshoot tmr, so will only have time to make the next batch on the festival itself.

Hope it will turn out well =)
& I will bake some mooncakes next year!


  1. Coraine, the mooncakes are cute but hor, really cannot figure out is rabbit, I thought is hamster :P. I used the recipe last year, the skin is soft leh. Is it you knead too long? Cannot knead the dough leh, just mix it to combine ok liao.

    Wish you all the best on your bridal shooting, swee swee yoh.

  2. Hey Jess! =)
    I just mix weird right..something is wrong.but i dont know where.
    Rub in method is like the shortbread method right..rub it into like breadcrumbs right..
    Thanks for your comments =)

  3. Hi Coraine,

    I found your blog after reading your comment on Aimei's My Baking Cottage.

    Its a commendable effort to do the lotus paste from scratch. I bought store bought paste as I am making mooncakes for the 1st time this year and a blogger friend 'warned' me that it is not worth the effort making the paste, unlike homemade pinepple paste which is so much better than store bought ones.

    The mooncakes look cute! haha. I am sure the mooncakes will turn out better in terms of texture next year. mine isnt't soft and chewy also, and is quite floury.

    cheers and happy baking and cooking. So glad to find another SG food blogger =]

  4. Hi Bakertan! =) thanks for leaving this comment~
    it's my first time making mooncakes too~ your mooncakes looked much better than mine!
    I don't think I will make snowskin mooncake next year.HEHE..