Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weight Loss Journey (Day 4)

Time flies, it's already Day 4. 
First 2 days were actually quite terrible, as the quantity is much lesser than what we used to eat daily.
But results are amazing, we weighed at the end of Day 3 and...
both of us lost 4kilos each!
Isn't that amazing? And we really look much smaller in size~

Some people may think that it's unhealthy to lose weight that fast, but for us, it's just do it or continue to eat unhealthily. We are aware of our own health condition, anything amidst, we will stop immediately.
People who had succeeded in this meal plan actually said that their appetites became small! 

For me, I feel much lighter now and there's less burden on my body while walking. I sweat lesser, because I don't feel warm that easily now. The most important thing is my blood sugar has reached a healthy stage. No more high blood sugar due to overeating!

So what's for lunch and dinner for today?

Lunch time...
There's steamed carrot, 1 slice of cheese, 1 hard boiled egg and 1 apple

I shredded the carrot and topped it with cheese,
I dislike eating carrots plain, so this is the best way for me!

Dinner for 2...

One bowl of papaya with skimmed milk..
I can't even finish eating the papaya! just a few pieces and I'm full..

I'm craving for some piping hot soup right now, really love to eat hot stuffs. 
Will try to cook healthy soup daily when this is over. 
Good for weight maintenance too!

Some stuffs to take note of
  • If you want to start on this meal plan, please make sure that you are totally healthy to do so.
  • People with chronic diseases especially diabetes shouldn't be doing this, it may cause low blood sugar which leads to coma. People with gastric, please do not risk too.
  • And you can only carry out this meal plan once a year.
  • If you feel unwell, please stop this diet immediately.
  • This menu is not catered for acceptable or slightly overweight people, you may be left with just bones at the end of the program.


  1. your ang also following this program? Will he be fulled with all these stuff?

  2. Yes he followed..both of us were hungry..hehe..and was craving for food together..
    I think for pple who are working, it's really quite hard..