Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weight Loss Journey (Day 1)

I need to lose some weight for my wedding and photoshoot+overall health!

Last year, I've tried blood type eating + low calorie eating..
my hard work paid off and lost 15kg over 3 months. 
But after returning to my normal lifestyle, which is overeating, I've put back10kg!
Scary isn't it? 
I regret that I've wasted my effort, and did not do maintenance well. 

So I've decided with my man, if we can't discipline ourselves,
then let the diet plan discipline us!
And just nice, my indonesian friend told me about this Mayo Clinic Diet. Sent me the plan to follow. 
So here we are starting on this 14 days journey.

Here's the meal plan for Day 1...

 A cup of tea with 1 teaspoon of sugar
This is fine for me, as my normal breakfasts are only fruits.

2 hard boiled eggs, 7 cherry tomatoes & a bunch of steamed spinach
I dread eating tomatoes, but cherry ones are still OK...
the plan actually requested for 1 whole tomato, but I know that I won't be able to take it!
That's why I altered it~

Salad with lemon juice topped with 1.5 ounces of pan fried chicken without oil

That's all for the day..!
Some of you may be thinking that it's crazy...
But hey, I feel that it's much healthier than our normal everyday diet!
KFC, Pizzas, Oily food e.t.c please decide which is a better choice?

I'm glad that we've  survived!
Ermm..just for Day 1...
If we missed any food, or did not follow closely,
we will need to restart @ day 1 !

Anyway, there are variations in food everyday.
I will update when I can =)
Wish us all the best!


  1. me 2, me 3, me 4.
    I also put on weight.
    I wants...please send to me.
    My email have right.....pls pls send to me.


  2. Hello! lin lin sent to your hotmail...'ve got mail!

  3. Hi can send to me the diet plan? My email is

    For reference lah. When is your wedding?

  4. Hi Abigail..sent~! =)
    My wedding is on the 4th Dec...

  5. I also want!! My weight put back 3kg...
    My e-mail

  6. HAHA!! this plan is seriously good! sending to u now

  7. Hi dear,

    Can share the diet plan? heehee


  8. HI hi =) Sure..i will send it to u...

  9. Coraine, hmm...did you go for cohen diet? cos I went for the plan too, shed 15kg in 3 mths but....subsequent poor eating habit resulted me having the 15kg + extra =P

    Would love to try out the mayo plan. can send to my email Thanks in advance =)

  10. Hey Fatmum =) I will send it to u now.
    Have not heard of cohen diet..but i believe that without any maintenance all weight will join us again i think in the end we need to be disciplined.
    I've put on the lost weight sad..

  11. Hi - I love your blog - Quick question - where did you find the cookie, called Elsa's Story one? Thanks

  12. Hi Tina =) Thanks for commenting and coming to my new blog. I found Elsa's Story @ ntuc fairprice, but i don't see them anymore..Keep coming! =)