Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Heart Wallies

I bought some wallies sometime back and did not have the motivation to use them,
until last Sunday....
Just simply lazy..HEHE
These cows are situated just beside my dining table...
No beef to be served in our house  =)
Because they are sooo cute!
The main reason for me to cut down on my meat intake,
is not to hurt those animals as much as possible.

you can see that there's no meat in my dishes most of the time..
but...I can't live without fish yet...

A small corner which will be decorated with pots of flowers soon..I HOPE.. =)

Our main door...
Lovely warm words which welcome us home everyday~~

I have more wallies to put on~ hope that my inspiration will come soon...again...
so that I can get my work done!

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