Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peanut Shells Korean Rice Cakes

This is the first time I've seen korean rice cakes in this shape...
Was amused by it!

Aren't they cute?

My family was coming over for dinner, and I decided to serve them this...
Actually I cook this dish rather often, as it doesn't need lots of preparation and cooking time.
And nonetheless, mouthwatering! =)

All ready..and waiting for them to come...

The spicy korean rice cake~sorry for messy presentation

The next time, I will omit the franks and use some fresh ingredients,
as you know that these are not that healthy...

You can find the recipe in my previous post...HERE


  1. this is cute, I nvr see this b4 either.

  2. Hi Jess..it's cute and have a Q texture too~!

  3. Hi Coraine,

    Where do you get this cute rice cake? TIA.


  4. Hihi Julia,
    I got mine from parkway parade korean mini supermarket at B1 near cold storage. But i noticed that they do not have it everytime.
    Try your luck there! =)