Friday, September 24, 2010

Our First Photoshoot =)

Photoshoot finally done!
& now we are waiting for the time to choose some pictures to be printed in the album...

Initially I wasn't excited at all, because I know I'm still fat.
But after looking at myself in the mirror after all the make up,
I feel satisfied. HAHA!
So strange...

My man....
Look suave? Hehehehehe....

I had a change of 6 outfits and 5 hairdos...
which is alot to me!
Luckily my hair can still withstand the severe damage done,
and did not drop as much as I thought.

Here's my first outfit and a sly smile..HEHE
I think my friends will not recognise me if they were to see me like this on the streets!
Seriously, this doesn't look like me at all.. HAHA
I went to Ikea with this outfit, abit too formal i guess...
wanted to wear casual clothing, but it will not match with my hairdo and make up,
so changed it last minute before setting off to Ikea!

my 2nd outdoor outfit...
Really fat...
but I feel like there's more motivation in me to wanna slim down further now! 

my indoor studio wedding gown...
I'm glad that my actual day wedding gowns will not be the ones in my photo album,
that means i can wear more gowns! =)


  1. Gal.. you look really good in the red gown..
    looking forward to more sneak peeks of your wedding album !! =)

  2. You look so good and sexy : )

  3. Hey Tracy & Irene~ Thank u Thank u~~ hope we can choose the pictures soon~~don't know the outcome..HAHAHA..should be quite funny.